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Dredging Work

SAI dredging fleet has proved its competence through some successful projects in Indonesian waters. Equipped by technical expertise and modern equipment, our dredging fleet works effectively for both capital dredging and maintenance dredging projects. Those dredging activities are carried out in a perspective of sustainable development, aiming for long term and with respect for nature. 


Reclamation projects can turn low-potential area into a fully-optimized land, for residential, commercial, or other purposes. Innovative, cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions are also needed to help countries tackle the rising sea levels as a result of climate change. Our vessels are capable to do the work through these following methods: direct dumping, re-handling system from a re-handling pit, rainbow systems, hydraulic filling.

Marine Construction

Our scope of service in marine construction works covers coastal defences or breakwaters (rubble mound, vertical/ sheet pile, seawalls), port construction (piling, bracketing), land clearing, soil improvement, and other construction in coastal area such as docks, jetty, and dolphin. All these marine engineering services include thorough preparatory study of wave climates and storm surges, forecast and hind cast modelling. 


Our scope of activity includes capital dredging, maintenance dredging projects, reclamation, and marine construction such as coastal defences or breakwaters, port construction, and other construction in coastal area.

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